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American Society of Adaptation Professionals

The American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP) connects and supports climate change adaptation and climate resilience professionals to advance innovation and excellence in the field. We know that climate change is a real and serious danger to all sectors and systems; that adaptation and resilience build stronger, more prepared individuals and systems; and that equity and environmental justice must be central to all work that adaptation professionals do. ASAP members are building essential climate resilience for communities, ecosystems, and economies across North America. The ASAP network keeps them connected, sharing, learning, and adapting. 


ASAP Local and Regional Hubs Program

The ASAP Hubs program builds the capacity of ASAP members to connect and advance adaptation work in place -- while strengthening the entire ASAP network -- through three opportunities: 1) Microgrants that support members’ collaborative, place-based projects. 2) A living list of adaptation networks, collaboratives, and other similar groups that increases local and regional connectivity, exposure, and resource-sharing. 3) A community events fund that supports informal, local networking events organized by ASAP members. Our 2021 Local and Regional Hubs Microgrant Program includes support for the Southwest Practitioners Adaptation Network!

ASAP Private Sector Climate Service Providers Academy

Despite growing demand for climate risk information, we know it can be tough to build a business in the climate space. The ASAP Climate Service Providers Academy will give you the tools you need to develop higher quality climate services and help your business succeed in a rapidly evolving climate services marketplace. Hosted by the American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP) in partnership with Climate Assessment for the Southwest CLIMAS), Great Lakes Integrated Sciences and Assessments (GLISA), and Carolinas Integrated Science and Assessments (CISA), this workshop will train you in applying both national best practices and region-specific climate data and information for the Southwest, the Great Lakes, and the Carolinas. The Academy will take place in October 2021; registration opens in June. Submit your email here for more information.

ASAP Professional Guidance Resources

ASAP's Professional Guidance Resources help you assess your adaptation practice and make sure it incorporates the latest thinking on what constitutes ethical, equitable, effective adaptation. Whether you're a student or a seasoned professional, ASAP Professional Guidance will help you take your climate adaptation career to the next level.

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