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Climate Kids

Climate Kids, a program of the Climate Science Alliance, is a series of community-based collaborative projects that provide youth education on climate change through science activities, storytelling, and art. Each Climate Kids project brings together local artists, scientists, educators, and storytellers to engage students of all socioeconomic levels and inspire them to become environmental stewards. Through partnerships with climate scientists and qualified educators, we encourage curiosity about the natural world while providing youth the tools necessary to make educated decisions about how to protect our planet in the future. 


Climate Kids Connects

With our ongoing commitment to support climate education in our community, Climate Kids Connects provides online resources that support youth, educators, and the community at large. Videos featuring guided climate science, storytelling, and art activities (in English and Spanish), core curriculum trainings for teachers, and more can be found on our new education portal!

Climate Kids Resources

We are excited to offer tools and resources to support your efforts in protecting our planet and fostering the next generation of environmental stewards. Check out our educational materials, coloring books, and fun activities that cover numerous climate change topics!

Youth Climate Challenge

The Youth Climate Challenge is an immersive experience that connects students with leading climate scientists, practitioners, artists, and fellow youth. In challenge teams, students are guided and challenged to identify and analyze the climate impacts in their own communities. Together, they investigate climate strategies and solutions and formulate action plans to implement in their sphere of influence.

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