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The Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals' Tribes & Climate Change Program

The Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals established its Tribes & Climate Change Program in 2009 to provide support and be responsive to the needs of tribes that are preparing for and currently contending with climate change impacts. Development of the program is guided by an advisory committee that includes tribal environmental and natural resource professionals who are actively working on climate change issues.  


Climate Change Course & Trainings (CC 101 & CC 202)

The Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals offers training to Tribal environmental professionals to build their capacity to address climate change issues. The courses are taught by instructional teams that include staff from ITEP, federal agencies, universities, and/or organizations, and most importantly, the Tribes themselves, who share their expertise and experience.

Tribal Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit

This "toolkit" is a collection of templates and other resources developed by the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals to assist tribes in their climate change adaptation planning process. The materials provided are not "one-size-fits-all" solutions, and users are encouraged to modify the materials to better represent the needs and priorities of their own Tribe. The primary users of these materials will be the Tribe’s climate change working group.

Tribes & Climate Change Newsletters

The monthly newsletter provides news items, resources, announcements about funding opportunities, conferences, and training, and other information relevant to Tribal climate change issues.

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