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The San Diego Foundation

The San Diego Foundation believes that to preserve our environment, health, and economy - and ensure a promising future for our children - we must continue to work collaboratively to implement long-term equitable solutions that build a resilient region and economy for all living in San Diego. 

Through our Environment Initiatives, The San Diego Foundation provides leadership and philanthropic investment to create a more sustainable path to economic growth and a higher quality of life. To accomplish this, The Foundation works to: 

  • Catalyze environmental research, education, community engagement, and equitable outdoor access to build just, resilient communities; 

  • Convene diverse stakeholders to identify shared goals and opportunities to work together in addressing critical regional issues; and 

  • Collaborate with cross-sector partners and decision makers to address systemic inequalities and promote equitable, inclusive solutions to local community needs. 


Climate Initiatives: Impact Report

For years, The San Diego Foundation has worked with regional partners to address San Diego’s most pressing environmental challenges caused by our changing climate. Our 2020 Climate Impact Report highlights what we’ve been able to accomplish alongside our partners in business, government, philanthropy, academia and the nonprofit community. But most importantly, it provides a roadmap for us to follow as we work collaboratively to implement long-term equitable solutions that build a resilient region, economy and ecosystem for all San Diegans.

Parks for Everyone 2020 Report

According to the Parks for Everyone 2020 report, an update to the original namesake report released in 2010, many communities across San Diego still lack equitable access to parks and green space. While progress has been made, it remains true that many local communities continue to face a variety of barriers to accessing natural spaces. The Foundation hopes that this report will continue to advance critically needed discussions around the important roles of our natural lands.

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