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EcoAdapt, founded by a team of some of the earliest adaptation thinkers and practitioners in the field, has one goal - creating a robust future in the face of climate change. We bring together diverse players to reshape planning and management in response to rapid climate change. 

EcoAdapt provides critical support to agencies, organizations, and communities seeking to address the challenges presented by climate change. We provide assistance throughout the entire climate adaptation process from assessing the effects of climate change and developing adaptation solutions to implementing and evaluating on-the-ground actions. We customize our process to the specific needs of our partners. 

Our main objectives include: 

  • Building the field of adaptation by coordinating, magnifying, and making climate change adaptation capacity and resources more accessible. 

  • Building capacity of current and future professionals in planning and management across sectors so they can engage in climate change adaptation. 

  • Supporting implementation of adaptation strategies by providing capacity to partners eager to take climate adaptation action. 


Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE)

The Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE) was launched in July 2010 and is managed by EcoAdapt. CAKE is a knowledge sharing platform featuring high-quality climate change adaptation case studies, tools, and resources spanning all phases of the adaptation process (assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation and monitoring). Search and learn from other practitioners across the country or sign up and share your work to help grow the field!

Climate Adaptation Services Registry (the Registry)

The demand for quality adaptation expertise has never been higher. But with limited time and capacity, many people have trouble finding the help they need to take climate action. This is where the Climate Adaptation Services Registry (the Registry) comes in. The Registry helps time-strapped decision-makers quickly find experts to help them plan for, implement, and evaluate climate adaptation and resilience actions. Unlike other professional registries that simply list an organization’s name and basic information, the Registry delves deep into what makes a particular organization valuable – it’s work ethos and real life project examples. Each organization’s profile features at least one project example detailing the project background, how the project was implemented, and the outcomes. These examples leverage the infrastructure of the Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE; – a trusted database for climate adaptation resources and home to nearly 500 on-the-ground adaptation case studies. The Registry’s vision is to advance the field of climate change adaptation by promoting a common understanding of good practice and creating a system of service provider accountability.

EcoAdapt's YouTube Channel

Welcome to the EcoAdapt YouTube Channel. At EcoAdapt, we work every day to meet the challenges of climate change. We do this through our four programs: Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange, National Adaptation Forum, Awareness to Action and State of Adaptation. We encourage you to check out our playlists to learn more about each program. Thanks for watching!

The 5th National Adaptation Forum

The National Adaptation Forum gathers the climate adaptation-minded to foster knowledge exchange, innovation, and mutual support for a better tomorrow. Forum attendees share lessons learned, collaborate to identify best practices, and network with fellow practitioners. Since its inception, the in-person Forum has attracted over 3,400 attendees including community leaders, planners, managers, and scientists. The Forum acts as a pivotal space for creating cross-sectoral partnerships and building holistic solutions. The next in-person gathering is anticipated for Fall 2022. We invite you to join this convening of adaptation practitioners from across the United States and beyond. Sign up for our mailing list to stay up to date.

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