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Southwest Decision Resources

Southwest Decision Resources is a team of professional facilitators committed to more inclusive and informed planning and decision processes on complex natural resources and public policy issues in the Southwest. We work closely with partners to design collaborative processes to more effectively engage and strengthen relationships among diverse stakeholders, develop collaborative leadership, integrate science into decision making, and collectively achieve higher quality outcomes and more lasting solutions.  Our services include assessment, process design, facilitation, mediation, strategic planning, coaching, mentoring, and training.  We work on a wide range of collaborative efforts including forest management, climate, community-based conservation, watershed restoration, outdoor recreation planning, youth engagement, development of place-based collaboratives, network development, community visioning, organizational strategic planning and the resolution of community and resource management conflicts.   


Facilitation and Collaboration Training (online and in-person)

We offer 8 to 24-hour interactive workshops that help prepare you to design and facilitate successful virtual and in-person meetings and workshops, as well as larger collaborative processes.  Both online and in-person training workshops are offered, as well as customized training for specific groups.   

Coaching and strategy/process design support (online and in-person): We provide support to those struggling to design, or improve, a collaborative effort.  We’re happy to arrange time pro bono for a virtual conversation and strategizing session.

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