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Southwest Fire Climate Adaptation Partners (SWFireCAP)

The Southwest Fire-Climate Adaptation Partnership (SWFireCAP) is an open and inclusive group of partners  with a  shared vision for working together to advance fire and climate adaptation in the southwestern US. We believe that the monumental task of effective climate adaptation requires cross-organization collaboration and leveraging of people, time, resources, and funding. Initiated by the Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center and the Southwest Fire Science Consortium, the SWFireCAP now has several partner organizations and is open to anyone interested in the intersection of climate change and fire in the Southwest.   

The partnership operates with self-governing roundtable teams, which are action-focused groups with the capacity to tackle one or multiple objectives and endure as long as there is energy , interest, and relevance. In the early stages of our partnership, the SWFireCAP roundtable teams are (1) working towards expanding knowledge and the practice of cultural burning in the interior Southwest, (2) identifying and testing on the ground adaptation options to facilitate the use and understanding of these practices, (3) assembling freely available training modules with topics such as Climate 101, climate adaptation, and fire and climate interactions, that incorporate multiple perspectives, and (4) supporting authentic partnerships with Indigenous communities throughout the Southwest.   


SW Fire Climate Adaptation Partners

Meet the members of the Southwest Fire Climate Adaptation Partners.

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