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Strategic Growth Council

The California Strategic Growth Council (SGC) is an interagency body that works collaboratively with public agencies, communities, and stakeholders to realize healthy, thriving, sustainable communities for all Californians. SGC’s equity-driven vision recognizes the effects on California communities of historical underinvestment and systemic inequities. Through investments in transformative community development, community-driven climate change research, and capacity-building for under-resourced partners and climate leaders, SGC places communities at the forefront of climate adaptation and resilience. 



Partners Advancing Climate Equity

Partners Advancing Climate Equity is a new SGC program focused on increasing the capacity of local leaders to advance community-driven, equitable climate solutions at the pace and scale demanded by climate change and ongoing racial, social, and environmental inequity. The program consists of two phases: a peer-to-peer learning cohort, and place-based technical assistance to support local capacity building to advance community-identified initiatives. Seven of the 22 members of the inaugural cohort represent frontline communities and Tribes across Southern California.

Technical Assistance Guidelines for State Agencies

Climate adaptation and resilience is a top priority for California. But many under-served communities lack the resources to address these priorities without technical assistance to secure funding and implement projects and policies. To address these inequities, SGC developed the Technical Assistance (TA) Guidelines for State Agencies, which offer best practices and recommendations for designing and operating effective TA programs that provide meaningful support to communities. Stakeholders not affiliated with State agencies may also find the guidelines a useful resource when seeking to provide or receive TA.

Using Climate Data: Cal-Adapt's Local Climate Change Snapshot Tool

SGC’s Climate Change Research Program supports enhancements to Cal-Adapt, the State’s portal for California climate data. The new Local Climate Snapshot tool aims to provide planners, natural resource managers, and other users with a starting point to evaluate the impacts of climate change in their location. The Snapshot tool provides climate projections for temperature, precipitation, wildfire, and will soon include sea level rise.

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