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Dan Silver

Executive Director, Endangered Habitats League

Born in Los Angeles, Dan Silver attended UC Berkeley and Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, and practiced internal medicine.  In 1989, Dan led an effort to preserve the Santa Rosa Plateau in Riverside County.  Since 1991, he has directed the Endangered Habitats League (EHL), a Southern California regional organization dedicated to ecosystem protection and sustainable land use.

Initially focused on gaining endangered species protection for the California gnatcatcher, EHL became a leading participant in State of California Natural Community Conservation Planning (NCCP), an effort to reconcile habitat and development in Southern California.  In recent years, EHL has been a stakeholder in general plan updates, transportation plans, and climate action plans, and continues to work on endangered species protection.

In 2004, the American Planning Association California Chapter honored Dan with its Outstanding Distinguished Leadership: Layperson Award.


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