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John C. Parada

Tribal Environmental Programs Director

John C. Parada is a very experienced, educated, and motivated Tribal Environmental Programs Director with 25 years of experience in Tribal Environmental Programs. Various Tribal Programs include: Tribal Public Water Supply Systems, Tribal Water Pollution Control Programs, Tribal Non-Point Source Programs, Tribal Clean Air Programs, Tribal Emergency Management, Tribal Solid Waste Management, Tribal Community Outreach & Education. This included creating partnerships with other local, Tribal, state, and government agencies to collaborate in planning and initiating contacts for designated environmental concerns, resolving issues to reduce the impacts upon the reservation by collaboration with all parties that were responsible for maintaining and preserving the environment surrounding the reservation.  

Outreach & Environmental Education is an activity John C. Parada is passionate about to provide awareness on environmental concerns, preservation and pollution prevention methods, including climate change adaptation planning. Capacity building and hands on instructional training for various Tribes in California is a very encouraging achievement. He has also conducted bounteous Tribal Earth Day Events, presentations for USEPA, Northern Arizona University Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals, Rural Communities Assistance Corporation and other local entities in San Diego California.

John C.  Parada has participated with The Good Neighbor Environmental Board to assist with developing National Climate Report in 2015, Western Regional Air Partnership during early 2000s, and National Tribal Air Association to address Tribal concerns for policy and environmental regulations that impact Tribes. John has been participating with the Climate Science Alliance since 2016. 


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