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Lindsey Quam

New Mexico State Forestry

Lindsey Quam was born and raised and is a member of Zuni Pueblo and is currently married and resides on Santa Clara Pueblo in Northern NM. He has a BS Degree in Forestry from Northern Arizona University and has worked in numerous positions throughout his 21 year career. First starting as a project forester at Los Alamos National Laboratory, then moving to state government as a forester with the NM Forestry Division, then serving as the Assistant State Fire Management Officer for NM, establishing and managing the Forestry Division’s Returning Heroes Program; moving to a Tribal setting as the Santa Clara Pueblo Forestry Director and recently, back to state government as the Deputy Director of Forests/Tribal Liaison for the NM Forestry Division. 


Opportunities for Transforming the Use of Fire for Climate Adaptation
Day 3
12:20 PM PT
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