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Megan Jennings

Institute for Ecological Monitoring and Management, San Diego State University

Megan Jennings is a Conservation Ecologist and Co-Director of San Diego State University's Institute for Ecological Monitoring and Management. The research she works on is primarily focused on informing conservation and management planning in terrestrial systems with particular interest in incorporating landscape dynamics into connectivity planning. She worked for over a decade as a wildlife biologist for the US Forest Service in San Diego where her years of experience in land management for a federal agency informed her perspective as a researcher. Dr. Jennings strives to work at the interface of science and management, developing applied research to address management and conservation issues and communicating results and recommendations to decision-makers and managers. Dr. Jennings is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at San Diego State University, an affiliated researcher with the Scripps Center for Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation, and serves as an advisor to the Climate Science Alliance.


On the Importance of Connecting Wildlands and Communities
Day 1
9:10 AM PT
Connecting Wildlands and Communities Project Overview
Day 1
9:20 AM PT
FIRE: Research and Applications
Day 1
9:30 AM PT
Day 1
12:30 PM PT
Closing Remarks
Day 1
3:00 PM PT
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