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Melodie Lopez

Indigenous Strategies

Serving Indian Country for the past 30 years, Melodie blends traditional Native Knowledge and contemporary Indigenous Scholarship to provide unique strategies in environmental education, youth leadership and strategic planning.


Understanding Tribal Sovereignty
Day 2
9:30 AM PT
Active Listening: The Story of Water
Day 2
11:10AM PT
Wisdom & Reciprocity: Collaborating with Tribal Nations
Day 2
12:40 PM PT
Planning for Full and Equal Partnership and the Longevity of Collaborations
Day 2
2:05 PM PT
Closing Reflections
Day 2
3:05 PM PT
Understanding our Relationship with Fire: Indigenous and Western Perspectives
Day 3
9:20 AM PT
Overcoming Barriers to Getting Fire Back on the Land
Day 3
10:40 AM PT
Opportunities for Transforming the Use of Fire for Climate Adaptation
Day 3
12:20 PM PT
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