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Southwestern Climate Showcase

Day 1

3:25 PM PT


Amanda Leinberger of the Southwest Practitioners Adaptation Network unveiled their new networking tool. Attendees were welcomed to the SWAF Climate Showcase which featured opportunities to engage, network, and share.



Amanda Leinberger


SWAF Attendee Workbook

This workbook is designed to facilitate engagement and provide resources to attendees throughout the Forum.

SWAF Climate Showcase

Explore the SWAF Climate Showcase to learn about the incredible adaptation work being done throughout the Southwest region!

Southwest Practitioners Adaptation Network (SPAN)

The Southwest Practitioners Adaptation Network builds capacity for actionable climate change adaptation solutions and SPANs the boundaries between science and decision-making. Through a network of networks, SPAN links climate adaptation and assessment practitioners with resources through knowledge nodes and communities of practice – building stronger partnerships across the U.S. Southwest.

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